Add zest to your short stay in Bicol with the taste of the authentic fiery Bicol express invading your tongues. If I were you, I would not leave Bicol behind without tasting this spicy treat especially prepared for you by the very people who originally concocted it many decades ago. Obviously, it is the name that easily identified Bicol Express as another Bicolano dish. However, it is the exquisitely unique blended flavors of thick coconut milk, shrimp paste, pork, garlic, onions, and a handful of really hot green and red chili peppers(labuyo) that made Bicol express all the more popular not only domestically but internationally as well. How it is prepared? Very easy☺. Mince a handful of garlic, chop several pieces of onions, chop thinly sliced pork into very small pieces, cut those small labuyo into two and get a pint of fresh thick coconut milk from the market. Once you have all the ingredients ready, set aside coconut milk and sauté all the ingredients in 2~ tablespoons of good oil in the following order. Garlic→onions→chopped pork meat→shrimp paste(washed to lessen saltiness)→labuyo. Add coconut milk and put salt or whatever taste enhancers you'd prefer to add in. Stir occasionally until it's cooked. Done.

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