PINANGAT and Laing (side by side)hit the spot- 2nd to the famous "Bicol Express". These two Bicol treats also became the talk of many Bicol food enthusiasts- from north to south. In fact, PINANGAT & LAING are now among the many popular Filipino dishes that earned major spots in famous restaurants' menu books and buffet food counters all over the country. Pinangat was originally concocted in the town of Camalig, Albay. Because of its popularity, many tourists who visit Legazpi City make sure that aside from tasting the spicy Bicol Express, they also get to bite these two other authentic treats. Although many cooks and housewives tirelessly try to experiment cooking Pinangat and Laing- the way they heard or imagined they should be, in the end- their own versions would still taste very differently and not even close to those that were actually prepared in Bicol. Basically, the ingredients needed in preparing Pinangat and Laing are the same: dried shredded taro (gabi) leaves, whole taro(gabi) leaves, ground meat or seafood ( as fillings) , thick coconut milk, lemon grass, onions, other natural taste enhancers, siling labuyo (really hot chili peppers-optional), and most important of all- the SECRET technique that no one knows until now except those that came from the family of whoever originally created this dish. A secret that became a LEGACY. Beat it!

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